Krannich Solar and Rec Group Agree A Distribution Partnership

Krannich Solar, one of the leading wholesalers for photovoltaics, now has the high-performance­ modules from the Norwegian manufacturer REC Group in its product range. REC is known for its high product quality that is acknowledged by the lowest complaint rates in the entire industry.
Krannich Solar is therefore an important distribution partner of REC solar modules and offers them to installers in Central Europe in particular. Both companies plan to extend their co-operation to include further relevant PV markets.

The solar modules from the REC TwinPeak 2 series combine innovative design with high module efficiency and high yield and are rated up to 295 Wp. TwinPeak-solar modules have a unique “twin” design – hence the name – so that they can generate electricity even when they are under partial shading, regardless of the orientation. Customers can therefore make the best use of the space available for the solar system. The solar modules from the REC TwinPeak 2 series are the ideal solution for private and commercial roof-mounted systems worldwide through the combination of industry-leading product quality and the reliability of a strong and established brand.

“After evaluating various suppliers of high-performance modules, we elected to go with REC Group. The modules complement our product range very well as they offer our customers significant added value: high efficiency in limited space and exceptionally good yield provide the maximum return on investment”, states Kurt Krannich, owner and CEO of the PV and storage system specialists. “With REC we have a partner that not only offers fantastic solar products, but a brand that has built up an excellent reputation for quality and reliability over 20 years.”