New technologies must be adapted to people and their time, not the other way around. They should serve to improve quality of life and the living environment. This conviction is the source of our passion that drives us to create energy. It is the basis of our vitality and our success.

At the turn of the year 1998/1999, Ralf Hofmann and a dozen employees left the old KACO group to start a separate company that was solely dedicated to photovoltaics: KACO GERÄTETECHNIK GmbH. With them, they brought decades of experience from KACO, which was already the world’s largest supplier of electromechanical choppers in the 50s, the predecessors of today’s inverters.

In order to satisfy the global demand for our products and solutions we manufacture on three continents. In Germany we manufacture for the European market, in South-Korea for the Asia-Pacific region, and in Texas for North, Central and South America. Contacting our sales teams is just a stone’s throw away: our international subsidiaries are located close to all major PV markets.

In research and development, engineers and technicians are striving for the highest levels of efficiency. Their approach is defined by ambitious quality standards. As a result, they are continuously improving energy technologies.

Contact Information
Nedret Unlu
+49 7132 3818 0
Neckarsulm, GERMANY

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