JinkoSolar’s 72-Cell Cheetah Module Offers 410W Performance

JinkoSolar has launched its 72-cell Cheetah (P-type mono-PERC) module with peak power outputs of 410W, which is claimed to be highest-performing commercially mass-produced monofacial module on the market.

Continued pressure to provide PV modules that lower balance of system (BOS) costs and yield better levelized cost of electricity (LCOE), while maintaining high durability. The focus on high-performance requires increased focus on solar cell efficiency gains and overall module reliability, resulting in the need for highly automated and quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process.

All JinkoSolar Cheetah series modules are produced in the company’s next-gen ultra-smart P5 super factory and is claimed to represent the most cutting-edge technology in solar module manufacturing. Utilizing an all new wafer and cell design, the Cheetah series includes ultra-high performing modules with its industry leading performance in metrics such as output, limited degradation, shade tolerance, and durability. The Cheetah 410Wp performance is claimed to be over 30Wp higher than that of comparable products in the industry with a conversion efficiency of 20.38%.