Jinko Solar & Asunim Turkey Cooperation In The Aegean Region

Jinko Solar Holding Co., Ltd., a global leader in the solar PV industry, announced that in cooperation with Asunim Turkey, a leading PV project developer and EPC company has completed the largest solar power plant in theAegean region.

Asunim is currently one of the leading EPC companies in Turkey and has so far concluded projects of 140 MW with a separate and clear structure committedf or long-term O&M commitments. The dedicated international engineering team of Asunim has a long track record of successful systems design and implementation, using cutting-edge 3D modelling and simulation software to correctly elaborate extremely important shading and counter slope calculations.

The solar power plant in Manisa, Turkey consists of two separate sites that have an outcome of 40.3 MW, built in parallel. One of 19.7 MW and the other of 20.6 MW. Both are located in Manisa, Turkey.

The systems feature Jinko Solar high-efficiency (PID free) solar modules and REFUsol 40K string inverters operating without the need for fan cooling and with full IP65 protection against humidity and dust.

The German company, Solar-Log was the choice for the SCADA system. Operation and Maintenance activities will be covered by Maxima Energy, affiliate but independent O&M Company of Asunim.

“Installing a project on a flat terrain is easier when compared to sites with different slopes. In order to get the highest yield several different studies and calculations were made for this challenging project.” comments managing partner of Asunim Turkey, Mr. Umut Gürbüz.

“We are extremely pleased to see this contract as an outcome of our steadily growing successful partnership with Asunim Turkey over the last years. Asunim Turkey, as a trusted local partner, shares and follows the same highest productand service quality levels that we do also apply within Jinko Solar globally which makes us stronger and helps us to maintain our leadership position in the market.” adds Mr. Gener Miao, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing of Jinko Solar.