Innovative Wave In Solar Technology Is Coming With Japan

Japan is getting ready to take the leadership of solar technology from China with its newly developed perovskite panels . The new panel with a light, bendable film-like structure can be attached to cars and walls. In addition to their low production costs, these slim panes will be standardized as the widely used silicon solar panels.

The study on perovskite solar cells was first announced in 2009 by Professor Tsutomu Miyasaka from Yokohama Toin University. The perovskite panels, developed by Panasonic and Sekisui Chemica, are intended to be bigger and more durable than traditional types. Thus, the panel, which can be connected to walls and curved surfaces, will have wider applications areas. Panels made from perovskite cells can be brought together to form sheets of desired size. The company has completed the half of the road to raise the panel’s energy production efficiency to 20%.

Compared to thick and heavy silicon panels with expensive and complex production processes, the perovskite panels will increase the capacity and efficiency of solar energy usage with its low cost and wide range of usability. These panels, which are at the developmental stage and can not provide desired durable level yet, are expected to show themselfs in the niche markets that conventional panels do not.