Our SOLAR & STORAGE INVERTERS product range consists in:

– Single-phase transformerless string inverters for residential applications: 5 – 6 kW.
– Single-phase transformerless battery inverter with dual MPPT system: 3 – 6 kW.
– Three-phase transformerless string inverters with single and multi-MPPT for residential and commercial applications: 20 – 33 – 40 kW.
– Three-phase transformerless string inverters for commercial & industrial applications, and Utility-Scale PV plants: 110 kW @ 1000 Vdc and 160 kW @ 1500 Vdc.
– Three-phase PV & STORAGE central inverters: up to 3.6 MVA available in two versions: @1000V or @ 1500V.
– PV & STORAGE MEDIUM VOLTAGE SOLUTIONS: Complete turnkey MV Inverter Power Stations, customizable and fully equipped up to 14.4 MVA.
– Fully integrated SCADA, PV Power Plant Controller (PPC) and supervision systems.

The company operates in all continents with different local subsidiaries such as: Spain (HQ, inverter production, Inverter Power Station assembling); USA and Brazil (inverter production, Inverter Power Station assembling); Italy and South Africa (sales and service branches and Inverter Power Station assembling); France, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, U.A.E., India, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Philippines, Chile, Mexico, Panama (sales and service subsidiaries).

Ingeteam also develops and manufactures Electric Vehicles Charging Stations for residential & commercial applications as well as fast chargers and high-power chargers up to 400 kW and has already supplied thousands of units worldwide

Furthermore, through its Service Partners net, Ingeteam supply products and service assistance all over the world.

To date, Ingeteam has supplied 65 GW of power converters for renewable energy plants and is amongst the TOP 10 companies dedicated to the operation and maintenance of renewable plants, with a portfolio of more than 16 GW.

The Ingeteam Group operates throughout the world, with permanent facilities in 23 countries, employing more than 4,000 persons. R&D is the backbone of its business activity, in which more than 5,5% of the company’s turnover is invested annually.


Contact Person
Mauro Rivola
+39 349 5941879

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