IBC Solar Realises Its Largest Stand-Alone Project In India

IBC solar has realised its largest stand-alone PV-project, so far. As the company reported that the project in question is a 27 MW PV-plant in East-Indian state of Odisha, which had been completed recently.

Odisha lags behind other regions of India in the development of solar pv. According to IBC Solar the state had an installed capacity of 90 MW as of Autumn 2017. By now the state is trying to increase installations.

The PV plant is part of a tender round for a total of 270 MW in the state, issued by the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) in August 2016.

IBC reports further that in the auction it secured a 25-year power purchase agreement for the PV plant. The company managed to secure funding for the project in March but had to await a modification of the nearby substation, to deal with the projected feed-in load. For this purpose, an 8km transmission cable was installed as well. In November the construction of the plant finally commenced, and has now been completed.