China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) is a large high-tech enterprise officially founded in 1999, but with a history dating back to 1956. Since its foundation, CASC has been dedicated to applying space-related technology within selected sectors of general industry and is a Fortune 500 Global company. Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co., Ltd (widely known as HT-SAAE) is a subsidiary of CASC which was established in 1998 and publicly listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in the same year (Stock Code 600151).

HT-SAAE focuses its business mainly on New Energy PV, Auto Parts and New Material Application. As early as 1999, HT-SAAE launched commercial deployment of photovoltaic technology. To date, the company has developed a completely integrated PV industry supply chain (polysilicon, wafers, solar cells, PV modules & systems) and provided more than 3 GW of superior quality PV products to the global market. According to an internationally recognised third-party organisation, in 2014 HT-SAAE achieved a ranking amongst the Top 10 Chinese PV Module Suppliers and for many years the company has been recognized as a ‘Tier 1’‚Äč Module Manufacturer by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF).

HT-SAAE will in the future continue to devote itself to developing space-related technology for application within the PV industry, providing superior products and service to the global market and reinforcing its status as a world-class new energy PV enterprise.

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Ahmet Beler
+86 21 64828990 6208
Shanghai, CHINA

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