Home Automation Using Solar Energy

Home automation is the new buzz in the field of Internet of Things(IoT). In fact, it is considered as the basic step towards the next-gen automated lifestyle. What this home automation is all about? Move ahead in the post to read more.

Home Automation – The complete picture
A lot of devices play a role in our day to day activities at home – curtains, windows, lights, fans, air conditioners, switches, kettles, cookers, lights, TV and entertainment devices, and many more. Usually, we decide which device to be ON when and when to OFF it once its intended function is finished.

When you say “home automation”, we mean automation of all these devices. In other words, you set a schedule to them, they would do them as per the instructions every time with minimal supervision of yours. Of course, you can control their functionality using remote and other controlling devices designated for them.

For example, after a hectic day at the office, and before returning to home, you can give a command to your cooker to start making the dinner. And guess what this is called? A smart home automation solution. Yes! All such household devices that can be controlled remotely and with minimal human supervision are called smart home appliances. And when you automate your household tasks using such smart things, you are doing nothing but “home automation”.

Solar energy in Home Automation
While the whole world is looking for sustainable and energy efficient solutions to make Earth greener for us and for upcoming generations, the only viable option that lies right ahead of us is utilizing renewable energy to the maximum efficiency possible.

Fortunately, our Mother Earth has given us many forms of renewable energy sources such as wind power, solar energy, geothermal, hydrogen, biomass and hydel, etc. Amongst all these the one that is convenient, clean to use and available most of the time is sunlight or solar power.

Hence, solar power is becoming a sustainable source of energy for meeting the energy needs of humans. Now, why not extend this usage to smart devices and home automation? This is what forms the core concept of solar energy in home automation.

Myths about Solar energy busted
According to studies, people have many myths about the usage of solar energy, even today. Here’s some useful information that would help you to get out of such notions and gain some knowledge on solar energy

– Myth: Solar energy is costlier.
– Fact: Compared to the cost per unit of solar energy in 1977, the prices now are pretty affordable. Thanks to the growth in solar power harnessing technology, solar power is pretty an economical option now.

– Myth: Solar plants are tough to maintain
– Fact: Solar power panels are made to last long. A good solar panel that is made from a reputed manufacturer will last up to 25 years or more.

-Myth: The initial investments on Solar power is very high
– Fact: Increasingly, many governments are encouraging people to favor towards using renewable energy. As a part of this, solar panels are being offered at subsidized rates in many countries. However, compared to the long run returns, the initial cost on a solar panel is worth every penny.

– Myth: It would be better if I opt for gas or other fossil fuel.
– Fact: Solar energy is so far the cheaply and abundantly available natural energy resource on this Earth. It has no side complications and is environment-friendly too.

So, when you are looking for an energy resource to power you home automation, what else would be more lovable than solar energy?

Solar Energy Home Automation Solutions
Now that we have seen how beautifully solar energy solves the energy needs of humans, let us understand what home automation solutions can be based on solar power:

+ Smart Lights: We have witnessed the journey of light from incandescent bulbs to the latest energy efficient CFL and LED-based lights. Now, power your smart lights on solar energy and make your home greener!

+ Smart Sensors: Be it your the security system of your home, or any other sensor-based system, you can couple it with solar energy panel to keep it driving. Smart cooking appliances: Cookers, toasters, kettles – you can control all these remotely by turning them into solar power based automation solutions.

+ Smart Lock: The main door lock or the lock of your secret space – you can enjoy the benefits of their smartness by choosing solar-powered smart locks.

+ Smart refrigerator: How would that be if your fridge sends you a reminder to bring milk on the way from your office back to home? Smart! Isn’t it? This is just one of the advantages when you choose a solar power based smart refrigerator.

Not just these, many news reports have also talked about an extended list of home solutions that you can fully automate using solar power:

+ Security cameras
+ Washing machines
+ Speakers and TVs
+ Gardening irrigation systems
+ Thermostats
+ Air conditioners and fans

How solar automation solutions help you better?

Solar automation systems are smarter than you have ever thought of! For example, consider this scenario. You want to run your dishwasher at daytime. But the smart dishwasher advice you when the solar energy per unit would be lesser and suggests you load the dishwasher at that period.

This means when you opt for solar-powered home automation solutions, you are benefitting right from the beginning to every time you use it. Besides, when you opt for such solar powered home automation solutions from a reputed manufacturer, you benefit in many ways:

+ Longevity of the appliance
+ No maintenance hassles
+ Wonderful return on investments
+ Safety and secured solutions
+ Smarter and more convenient life
+ Right software, right installation and right service
+ Peace of mind, right from the moment you lock home to the instant you return

Thus, a smart home automation system powered by solar energy just not thinks and advice to you, but also assures you of many benefits that are rewarding and rejoicing! Go smart with solar home automation devices and have a more comfortable life