His Solar

HIS SOLAR Turkey is a family company established in İzmir in year 2016 under roof of HIS Renewables GmbH, registered office of which is located in Germany. During Photovoltaic know-how stages, company presents optimum solutions for Solar Energy Systems to its customers from 60 different countries with its wide range of products and with its experience that was obtained at the end of more than 20 years; and today, it supplies products for solar energy projects with a capacity of approximately 2,0-2.8 GW around the whole globe with its engineers, technical and administrative personnel, number of which exceeds 250.

In its product portfolio, it manufactures durable and low-loss solar cables bearing the brand HIKRA® that are used in Photovoltaic Systems, combiner boxes bearing the brand HISbox® that are specially designed for systems constituting of industrial components, Harness cables bearing the brand HISkon® and intended to be used during installation activities that require minimal cable-cut for solar energy systems; and it sells connectors and accessories from various brand.
Each passing day, HIS aims to strengthen brand awareness thanks to its high production quality.

Güven Altun
+90 541 481 6468
Izmir, Turkey

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