HEPP privatizations continue with 2.5-MW Cal power plant in Denizli

(Enerji IQ – Sept. 15, 2021) The Privatization Administration has started the process for privatizing the 2.5-MW Cal hydroelectric power plant (HEPP) by transferring the operating rights. Bids for the tender will be submitted to the administration until November 3, 2021, and will be given in TL.

Bids can be given in cash or at least 50% of the bid amount at the date of signing of the contract, in which case the remaining principal amount can be paid in equal installments with a maturity of four years and an annual interest rate of 15%.

Cal HEPP, located on the Buyuk Menderes River, started operating in 2001. According to the teaser document prepared by the Privatization Administration, the power plant showed an average annual gross generation of 9 GWh and a capacity factor of 41% from 2003 to 2020.