Heathrow Offers Incentive For First Electric Aircraft

Heathrow have offered to remove landing charges for a whole year for the first electric-hybrid aircraft.

The London airport wants to leverage its role as one of the world’s leading airports to drive sustainable change in the aviation industry. The incentive of removing landing charges is valued at nearly £1 million and will be given to the first electric-hybrid aircraft if it is put into regular service at Heathrow.

John Holland-Kaye, Heathrow’s Chief Executive, said, “Heathrow has long been a leader in sustainable aviation. We championed carbon neutral growth in global aviation, which will come into effect in 2020. The next frontier is zero carbon flying, and I hope this prize will help to make it a reality at Heathrow by 2030.”

At present, there are over 100 electric aircraft innovations underway across the world and the first electric flight could touch down by 2030. However, innovators are currently facing high costs of development.

Liz Sugg, Aviation Minister, said: “The Government is committed to cutting carbon emissions and promoting new environmentally-friendly fuels in transport, including in the aviation industry. Heathrow’s initiative is an innovative programme which will encourage airlines to invest in electric-hybrid aircraft. Our Aviation Strategy will also consider further ways to support the development of cleaner, greener technology in the sector.”

Heathrow have pledged to be part of a sustainable future in the aviation industry with their “Fly Quiet and Green” league table which tracks airline performance on noise and emission targets.

In the next few months the airport will publish its carbon neutral road map.