Haptic and Nordic To Build Sustainable City Of The Future At Oslo Airport

Haptic Architects and Nordic Office of Architecture have released plans for a city next to Oslo Airport that is to be completely powered by self-produced energy and served by driverless electric vehicles.

The practices are masterplanning Oslo Airport City (OAC) for a 370-hectare site beside the airport – which was recently extended by Nordic Office of Architecture. The aim is for OAC to be the “first energy positive airport city”.

“This is a unique opportunity to design a new city from scratch,” said Tomas Stokke, director of Haptic Architects.”Using robust city planning strategies such as walkability, appropriate densities, active frontages and a car-free city centre, combined with the latest developments in technology, we will be able to create a green, sustainable city of the future.”

The new city will run on only the renewable energy it produces, selling the excess electricity to nearby cities or using it to de-ice planes.

OAC will only have electric vehicles, and the architects have promised that its citizens “will never be more than five minutes away from public transport”.