GWEC The Global Wind Report 2023

Nearly 78 GW of wind power capacity was added last year, the lowest level in the past three years but still the third highest year in history. This was achieved despite a challenging economic environment and a disrupted global supply chain, compounded by global health and energy crises.

Globally, 77.6 GW of new wind power capacity was connected to power grids in 2022, bringing total installed wind capacity to 906 GW, a year-on-year (YoY) growth of 9%. The onshore wind market added 68.8 GW worldwide last year, with China contributing 52%. Additions were 5% lower than the previous year. The slowdown in Latin America, Africa & the Middle East is partly responsible for the decline, but the primary reason is falling installations in the US. Despite finishing the year with a strong final quarter, the US wind industry commissioned only 8.6
GW of onshore wind capacity in 2022, due in part to supply chain constraints and grid interconnection issues.

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