GWEC Global Wind Report 2022

Welcome to the Global Wind Report 2022. As I write this foreword, the world is facing an unprecedented challenge to energy security and the vital goals of achieving climate targets and averting dangerous global heating. The current global power crisis has revealed the continued dangers of depending on fossil fuels for our energy supply, while the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine has seen entire countries held hostage to energy supply, used once again as a tool to achieve geopolitical aims. Economies and consumers have been left exposed to record high
power and fuel prices, while at the same time, 2021 saw a historic high in global CO2 emissions, putting the goals of the Paris Agreement at risk.

As the Global Wind Report shows, 2022 was another big year for wind installations and particularly for the fast-growing offshore wind sector, with a total of 94 GW of wind installed around the world – 21 GW in offshore.

However, despite progress in policy commitments and the hopeful messages from the world’s governments at COP26 – many of whom met with GWEC in Glasgow – we need to be honest: We are not
currently on-track to meet the objectives of net zero by 2050 or the aims of the Paris Agreement. For wind energy alone, we should be installing four times the current level of annual installations to stay on a net zero pathway.

There is strong appetite from both the public and business to move decisively, but governments are simply not acting fast or effectively enough.

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