GoodWe Enables Australian Homeowners to Embrace EcoSmart Living with Innovative BIPV Residential Solar Tile Solution

GoodWe, a leading solar energy solution provider, has recently introduced the Sunshine Series, a solar tile product with a focus on its 84W power output, to the Australian market. This solar tile offers an optimal solution for homeowners looking to incorporate solar energy into their homes while maintaining an aesthetically-pleasing rooftop appearance. To showcase its effectiveness, GoodWe has partnered with UV Power, a renowned installer, to demonstrate a successful installation of the Sunshine Series for a homeowner in Brisbane, Queensland.

With the recent 30% increase in electricity prices in Australia starting from July 1st, local homeowners are seeking cost-effective and sustainable solutions to counter the rising energy expenses. Mr. Richards, a homeowner based in Brisbane, exemplifies this growing trend.

Already having a 6.6kW solar system installed on his property, Mr. Richards was exploring options to expand the system and gain greater control over his electricity costs. The limited roof area, however, presented a major challenge, making it difficult to select suitable solar panels to meet his energy needs. The prominent main road-facing roof also raised concerns about the property’s consistent aesthetic appeal when adding more tiles.

Recognizing the unique requirements of the project, UV Power identified GoodWe’s BIPV product, the Sunshine solar tile, as the perfect optimal fit for the house. Mr. Richards chose GoodWe’s Sunshine solar tiles, complemented by their high-quality inverters, as a one-stop residential solution to ensure the safety and efficiency of his solar system.

Distinguished from conventional solar tiles that create gaps with the roof, the Sunshine Series seamlessly integrates with the building’s architecture, generating electricity while maintaining aesthetic appeal. Unlike traditional tiles, the products eliminate the need for drilling holes, mitigating the risk of water leakage and enhancing overall safety. Furthermore, featuring improved roof ventilation and heat dissipation, the product can largely improve power generation efficiency.

Mr. Richards shared, “I was amazed at how straightforward the installation of Sunshine Tile was. It ensures a seamless and visually appealing roof integration. With GoodWe’s solution, I anticipate a more efficient and sustainable energy usage of my house.”

“The Sunshine Tile seamlessly aligns with traditional tiles. This makes it an excellent choice for customers who prioritize aesthetics and wish to maintain the original design scheme. We also found that the product offers the convenience of tile replacement because of its modular design.” added by the installer UV Power.

“The recent introduction of the Sunshine Series in the Australian market has garnered positive feedback. This Sunshine Tile is a new addition to GoodWe’s residential solution portfolio, EcoSmart Home, which includes inverters, battery systems, BIPV products, accessories, and a smart EMS to monitor the overall system. We’re proud to contribute to the sustainable development of homes and buildings with our efficient solar energy solution.” stated Apollo Chai, Head of GoodWe Australia BIPV Marketing.