Goodwe Distinguished With “TÜV Rheinland All Quality Matters Award” For Three Consecutive Years

Goodwe has been recognized as the winner of the “All Quality Matters” award for its innovative energy storage inverter–SBP series inverter.

On March 16th, TÜV Rheinland, the great provider of technical services worldwide, presented the awards at the 2018 Solar Congress. Goodwe was also the winner of the last 2 consecutive years’ awards of the same event with its ES, NS and MT series inverters.

The “All Quality Matters” Solar Congress and Award established by TÜV Rheinland four years ago, has become a well-known brand and a barometer of trends in the PV industry. The annual “All Quality Matters” Award, with its objective and credible evaluation procedures and authoritative and neutral evaluation body, has become the top arena for competition among manufacturers of PV modules, inverters, energy storage system and components. Wining the “All Quality Matters” Award means that products are of an excellent quality. This year’s awards were presented to companies with excellent performance and significant contributions in different aspects of the PV industry.

Being the world’s first AC-coupled battery storage retrofit solution with UPS function for both single phase and three-phase system, the GoodWe SBP series has received this year’s coveted trophy for 3 years running. Compatible with most brands of single phase on-grid inverters, GoodWE’s SBP series inverters manage the PV yield of a system allowing generated electricity to be directed within the home, fed to the grid or used to charge battery storage devices. These characteristics of inverters allow users to store surplus power and sell it back to the grid when it is needed while its UPS function decreases the automatic switchover time of less than 10 milliseconds.

With years of experience and significant investments, GoodWe can offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions for residential, commercial and utility scale PV systems. Holding the innovation as its main motto GoodWe continues to focus on product quality and providing best in class with an in-house R&D team of 200 people, technical ability and an advanced quality control system.