Germany’s Brandenburg Launches Home Storage Incentive Program

Starting from now, subsidies for up to 1,000 residential solar-plus-storage systems can be requested from the Investment Bank of Brandenburg.

At the end of March, the German region of Brandenburg announced the incentive program “1000 Speicher”. Since Friday, July 27, applications can be submitted to the Landesbank Investitionsbank (ILB).

As the ILB announces on its homepage, the “1000-Speicher-Förderprogramm” is intended to support private individuals in increasing own consumption from solar, while relieving the burden on the power grid in the state of Brandenburg.

According to ILB, solar PV home storage systems, with a capacity of 2 kWh, will be subsidized. The subsidy consists of a non-repayable loan covering up to 50% of the investment, for a maximum of €7,000. Applications are accepted by ILB via the customer portal on its homepage. The program runs until December 31, 2022.

At the 3rd Brandenburg Energy Storage Day in March, the Brandenburg Ministry of Economic Affairs announced the funding program “1000 Speicher”. The framework appeared, at the time, to be well defined and the program was expected to have a supplementary budget.

After that, however, the it became stuck between the ministries, a spokeswoman from the local government told pv magazine. The funding will, therefore, initially be limited to 1,000 PV storage systems.