Futurist and Self-Reliant Housing Concept For China

The “tiered eco city” by envelope architects presents a conceptual typology as an exemplar of self-financing, self-sustaining infrastructure set in Yilong, China. It challenges the spatial “rules” that seem to govern current planning policy. Instead the emphasis is placed on stacking “layers” to maximize development land, with each layer responding to its social, environmental and economic needs. By creating a vertical mix-used infrastructure, the land take is minimized, urban intensification is achieved and a platform for a rich combination of living, working, playing, learning and caring is provided.

English based studio envelope architects‘ proposed transport system “quad_rail” has a monorail for passenger transportation. slung under the main elevated rails could be gliding support frames transporting converted containers that are micro-flats, office units and hotel suites. The containers could either be stacked for plug and play temporary usage — with sky gardens — or placed on floating platforms. The top tier is a residential plateau consisting of our low rise / high density ‘orbital housing’ concept. Tall vertical botanical gardens can produce oxygen for the basement layers and also act as sky-ports for docking heavy lift airships.

Development of heavy lift airship is gaining momentum. These gentle giants can travel 12,500 miles without stopping carrying payloads up to 500 tons. They can also be pilot-less, travelling for up to 5 days without stopping. envelope architects are suggesting that the 192 oxygen towers also act as sky ports, to enable docking and delivery of heavy freight. The cranes raise and lower the containers from and into the below ground levels. The airships are very green compared to sulphur belching container ships and need no runway and will likely be power by the sun. Smaller swarm drone clusters may be used deliver smaller goods straight the housing units — all this helps reduce congestion.