From Sketch To Prototype: The Mercedes Benz EQ Silver Arrow

Debuted at Pebble Beach just a day ago, the Mercedes Benz EQ Silver Arrow concept is quite a looker. It also bases itself on the design of the Mercedes Benz W125 Rekordwagen from 1938… a car that, 80 years ago, wrote history for traveling down a public road at a jaw-dropping speed of 269 mph; a record that remained unbroken for 79 years, until 2017.

The EQ Silver Arrow bases itself on a car that set a 79-year-old speed record, so it’s no surprise that the Silver Arrow was built for “acceleration and driving pleasure” too, according to design chief Gorden Wagener. Designed to be completely electric, the car comes with a single-seat open cockpit featuring a rather interesting detail wherein the hood lifts upwards, allowing the driver to enter and exit the vehicle. When shut, the driver is enclosed and seated like a Formula 1 driver.

The car’s retro-inspired aerodynamic design comes made entirely out of carbon-fiber, with a coat of Alubeam silver paint. Everything about the car’s aesthetic is a hat-tip to organic designing and aerodynamism, with the low-slung body, pointed tail, and smooth wheel arches. Details either complement, or get integrated into the car’s curvy yet switft body, be it the razor-slim headlight and taillight designs, or the spoiler, that fits into the back, ejecting upwards only when the car hits high speeds.

The renders below are done by Matthias Schenker, sticking to a style that does the car incredible justice. With its achromatic, Daniel Simon-esque style, the renders do a wonderful job of showcasing the car’s gentle curves through carefully placed highlights, making use of colors judiciously, only around the interiors and branding areas. Design Chief Gorden Wagener claims that while the Silver Arrow is just a concept, it also is a glimpse into the future of Mercedes design… and with the company debuting at Formula E next year, maybe we could see a similar looking automobile repeating history on the track.