Framework For Collective Self-Consumption

Collective self-consumption (CSC) allows citizens to share self-generated electricity with their neighbourhood on a contractual basis. It complements frameworks for individual self-consumption, energy communities, electricity suppliers, wholesale markets, and flexibility markets.

CSC unlocks the full economic value of small-scale solar installations. It increases the self-consumption potential of solar PV installations, and allows off-takers to lower their energy bills. Individual self-consumption favours property owners living in a single-apartment building. In contrast, all EU citizens, including renters and tenants, have access to CSC. When properly integrated, it incentivises local matching of consumption and generation, and subsequently mitigates grid congestion.

However, the existing regulatory frameworks for self-consumption, such as the frameworks for energy communities, jointly acting renewables self-consumers, renewables self-consumers and peer-to-peer trading, do not allow for CSC. As a consequence, among all 27 EU member states, only Portugal and France have fully implemented functional CSC frameworks.

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