FEDDZ Bike Is An Electric Rebel With Unusual Design

Slogdesign developed the image of the new FEDDZ — the most authentic and contemporary electric bike with a speed of 45 km/h, which does not have a conventional moped design with integrated electro-technology. FEDDZ makes it obvious that you are out and about without emissions.

With a range of 60 kilometers, you can relax and travel through the city on your daily adventures. slogdesign developed an open framework which integrates the interchangeable battery in a form-fit way and with a low centre of gravity. the battery is installed in a box protecting it from rain and splash water. remove the battery from your FEDDZ, charge it, assemble it: the battery box on the vehicle, which is protected against theft, is unlocked and simply lifted out. the battery is connected to a household socket with the battery charger. it can also be charged if the box remains in the two-wheeler.

The magnetic plug connection in the vehicle makes it very easy to connect to the power supply. the battery box is put back in its position, the battery and connections find their own way and connect all by themselves. when braking, up to 15 % battery power is fed back by way of motor recuperation. the battery comprising high-performance lithium-ion cells and the intelligent battery management system (BMS) with integrated performance electronics originate from german production.