European Leader In Sustainable Design: Actiu Technology Park

Actiu, recognized as the leader in environmentally friendly and ergonomic office designs, is also Europe’s leader with the architecture of its headquarters.

The company headquarters, Actiu Technology Park, has been awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) platinum certification by the US Green Building Council with its full self-sufficiency. Actiu is the only medium-sized industrial company that gain the LEED platinum certification. This certificate, which is usually given to new buildings, was gained on the highest category by Actiu’s relatively old facility over the age of 10.

The building in Alicante, Spain, has the largest solar roof in Europe with a total capacity of 47,701 MW. In fact, this plant can generate 5 times the energy required to operate the center in a period of six years, while also saving 3,060 tons of CO2 per year. At the same time 9,550 cubic meters of underground tanks can collect rain waters for irrigation and industrial purposes.

Designed by José María Tomás Llavador, the center is able to absorb the daylight in the best possible way with its numerous windows that embellish all facades. Thus, clean white offices as well as lobbies and  warehouse can use the daylight.

The company, which carries out its industrial presence within the strong environmental vision, has made considerable economic savings in electricity costs, water consumption, air conditioning and heating with its spectacular headquarters.