Engie And J-Power Will Work Together On Off-Shore Wind

J-Power in Japan and Engie in France have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on large-scale commercial offshore wind projects, including floating offshore wind.

In a statement, the companies said they see offshore wind as a ‘promising technology’’ and plan to undertake joint efforts as part of the MOU to improve the competitiveness of the technology, including floating offshore wind.

Engie and J-Power will also work together to address collaboration on a range of projects in Japan, Europe and other regions.

Engie has significant in-house offshore wind experience with 2.5 GW under development and is currently expanding into floating offshore wind.

In April 2018, J-Power unveiled a goal to develop 1 GW of renewable energy by 2025 and is working on an expansion of its efforts in renewable energy, including the promotion of an offshore wind project with a capacity of 220 MW in Kitakyushu City, Hibikinada District. The company is also keen to develop offshore wind capacity elsewhere in Japan and in Europe.