Energy Technology Perspective 2023

The Covid-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have led to major disruptions to global energy and technology supply chains. Soaring prices for energy and materials, and shortages of critical minerals, semiconductors and other components are posing potential roadblocks for the energy transition. Against this backdrop, the Energy Technology Perspectives 2023 (ETP-2023) provides analysis on the risks and opportunities surrounding the development and scale-up of clean energy and technology supply chains in the years ahead, viewed through the lenses of energy security, resilience and sustainability.

Building on the latest energy, commodity and technology data, as well as recent energy, climate and industrial policy announcements, ETP-2023 explores critical questions around clean energy and technology supply chains: Where are the key bottlenecks to sustainably scale up those supply chains at the pace needed? How might governments shape their industrial policy in response to new energy security concerns for clean energy transitions? Which clean technology areas are at greatest risk of failing to develop secure and resilient supply chains? And what
can governments do to mitigate such risks while meeting broader development goals?

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