Energy Storage Systems In One Minute

Many households and businesses are now installing on-grid PV systems to generate electricity which can power everything from light bulbs to air conditioners. Everything works great until evening comes… and the sun goes down.

But what if you could use solar power at night or even in case of power outage? Can you store energy from your solar panels and use it even when the sun is not shining?

The answer is yes, you can.

GoodWe PV energy storage system offers you smart control over the power flow and stores energy so that you can have it when you actually need it. With the smart battery management function, you’ll never fear the darkness.

When the power network is down, the battery is always enabled. Besides, it can realize valley filling, peak shaving and energy time-shifting for your convenience. If you have already installed an on-grid system, GoodWe can provide you an upgraded green solution without changing the system. Download GoodWe Monitoring App for more intelligent management.