Energy Storage Project is a Roaring Success

Leading renewable energy company RES, has this week been given consent for its second energy storage project in Scotland. Once built Roaring Hill Energy Storage Facility, located in Leslie near Glenrothes, will help to balance the grid by storing excess electricity and allowing it to be used when needed, leading to cost benefits for all consumers.

RES, a company that originally pioneered energy storage projects in the US and Canada is currently constructing three similar projects in the UK. One of which is located in Broxburn, West Lothian.

Scott Vallance, RES’ New Sites Manager, said: “Energy Storage is a safe and proven technology, which provides the opportunity to create a more stable and secure electricity system, leading to cost benefits for all consumers.

“The consent of Roaring Hill Energy Storage Facility puts RES at the forefront of the energy storage market in Scotland, an industry which will play a vital role in the country’s transition to a low carbon future, at least cost to consumers.”