Enel Energy Market Outlook 2022

The story of energy in 2021 was the acceleration of the Energy Transition. Even in the face of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, supply chain disruption, and other challenges, the shift to renewable energy continued. And 2022 will be no different.

Forecasts predict record-highs in renewable capacity additions in 2022, and the continued increase of renewables as a share of generation. The Biden administration set long-term net-zero targets and has already passed one bill that will support the expansion of clean energy, with hopes to pass another in 2022. At the state level, renewable portfolio standards and zero-emissions vehicle legislation are among the many tools being used to push decarbonization forward. Meanwhile, private organizations are increasingly pursuing products like PPAs, VPPAs, and more to decrease their own Scope 2 emissions.

Yet there are a variety of factors that organizations need to be aware of as they organize their energy strategy for 2022 and beyond. Global energy prices have seen significant increases in the past year, including the United States, where natural gas prices reached a 13-year high. Inflation remains a concern, and supply chain disruptions have many wondering whether there may be increased shortages of materials for renewable projects in the near-term.

This Outlook, written by Enel X’s team of energy experts and market analysts, is intended as a resource to help organizations in their planning. It offers summaries of the biggest regional and national stories that may affect end users, and pairs them with 2022 forecasts and discussions of the products that can be incorporated into an energy strategy. Where
possible, it offers suggestions on energy strategy

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