Innovative and Energy-efficient Technologies Will Have Priority of Demand in Georgia

Innovative and energy-efficient technologies will have priority of demand following recent adoption by the Georgian Parliament of a set of key energy efficiency legal acts, i.e. the Law on Energy Efficiency and the Law on Energy Performance of Buildings.

The laws were developed under the coordination of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia in cooperation with the Energy Community Secretariat to implement energy efficiency policy in the country.

Invest In Network, a UK based consultancy has interviewed Mr. Lasha Uplisashvili, Head of Energy, Real Estate & Construction Practice at BLC Law Office to find out what key implications there are for the sector companies.

In particular, the following questions have been addressed:

• How does the new legislation encourage residential use of renewable energy?
• Can surplus electricity generated for residential use be sold to neighbours or local grid?
• What types of technologies are likely to be in demand due to expected uptake in residential use of renewable energy?
• Are there any tax advantages, import tariff exemptions for energy efficiency projects or equipment?
• Is there anything in the legislation triggering the rehabilitation of old hydropower plants?

The full interview is included in Invest In Network’s Market Update available here.