EMRA allocates 1 GW of capacity to hybrid power plants

(Enerji IQ – Sept. 9, 2021) EMRA allocated 1,026 MW of connection capacity to hybrid power plant investments, according to a board resolution dated August 26, 2021.

The 1,026 MW of capacity will be allocated primarily to multi-source hybrid projects on a regional basis. However, the capacity will be allocated to hybrid projects, excluding “projects or facilities whose main source is wind or solar, and projects and facilities whose auxiliary source is not wind or solar.”

EMRA’s resolution aims to prevent solar-wind hybrid systems, due to the transmission system operator TEIAS’ concerns about reducing imbalances in the system.

The 60% of the remaining regional capacity from the initial allocation will be allocated to hybrid projects as determined by EMRA. TEIAS will notify EMRA in the first week of each month for the applications that will be made within this scope.

The installed capacity of the secondary source will be limited to 15% of the main source, according to EMRA’s regulation.

The temporary 29th article of the Electricity Market Law, which was enacted at the end of November 2020, allowed companies to terminate their pre-licenses and licenses so that they would not turn into an investment. The 1,026 MW of capacity was released after the termination of these licenses, which mostly consisted of wind power plant projects that had a negative bid after previous capacity auctions.

TEIAS announces regional capacities for hybrid projects

Following EMRA’s board resolution for the allocation of 1,026 MW connection capacity to hybrid projects throughout the country, TEIAS announced the regional distribution of the total capacity. The overall capacity will be distributed to 10 of Turkey’s 12 regions. The highest connection capacity, with 330 MW, was allocated to region No. 5, which consists of the Central Mediterranean and the south of Central Anatolia. No capacity has been allocated to regions 6 and 12, consisting of Ankara and its vicinity and Eastern Anatolia, respectively.