Empowering Lucknow’s Renewable Energy Community: GoodWe’s Customer Meet Connects and Inspires

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, June 23rd, 2023: GoodWe arrived at the new destination for its ongoing Customer Meet in Lucknow. The event was supported by Evervolt Green Energy Pvt Ltd, a trusted partner in the renewable energy sector.

Lucknow has been rapidly embracing renewable and sustainable energy sources, actively promoting the adoption of solar power systems. The Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency (UPNEDA) has been implementing various initiatives to encourage the adoption of solar energy, including rooftop solar installations, solar parks, and solar street lighting projects. With a target of generating 150 megawatts (MW) of solar power by 2024, the city has become a vital player in the state government’s renewable energy plans.

Looking at this significant potential of Lucknow, GoodWe and Evervolt organised this engaging event to connect with the city’s customers. The event featured keynote speeches from GoodWe executives, interactive presentations, and a networking session where attendees had the opportunity to interact with GoodWe and Evervolt teams.

The event was also an opportunity for GoodWe to showcase its latest product offerings and services. In particular, the residential range of inverters generated significant attention as Lucknow has been adopting Rooftop Solar rapidly. GoodWe’s Residential Range XS, DNS, and SDT G2 series emerged as the most talked-about and demanded inverters, with special on-spot discounts available for interested customers. These inverters are renowned for their safety and reliability features, high efficiency, and easy installation, making them ideal choice for homeowners looking to harness solar power.

The service presentation garnered the most attention as people were very keen to know how to enhance the efficiency of the Inverters, the do’s & don’ts of installations and getting in touch with the team personally. The session also addressed operation and maintenance challenges faced by customers, offering real-time solution and sharing case studies that showcased the best maintenance practices.

This Customer Meet event provided GoodWe with valuable insights into the ground realties faced by the market and facilitated constructive discussions to make informed future plans. Overall, the Customer Meet Event was a great success, and GoodWe looks forward to hosting similar events in the future to continue engaging with its customers and driving innovation in the industry.