Electricity generation increases by 7.3% YoY and by 15.3% monthly in July

(Enerji IQ – August 2021) Turkey’s total electricity generation in July reached 30.59 TWh, showing a 7.29% YoY increase. Its overall electricity generation in July 2020 was 28.51 TWh.

Generation in July increased by 15.26% compared to June, according to TEIAS data processed by Enerji IQ. Turkey’s consumption reached 30.24 TWh with a 5.96% YoY increase.

The share of natural gas power plants in electricity generation was 10.90 TWh, exceeding the 9.79 TWh of production last month. Gas power plants accounted for the largest share in electricity generation at 35.65%.

Hydroelectric power plants took second place with 5.03 TWh, a share of 16.43%. It was noteworthy that hydroelectric power plants, whose production decreased significantly compared to 2020 due to drought, increased their output by 11.78% in July compared to last month’s 4.50 MW. This increase is considered the result of a rise in demand and state efforts to lower spot market prices.

Imported coal power plants increased their production to 4.82 TWh from 3.95 TWh last month, with a share of 15.74% of total generation. Imported coal-fired power plants were ahead of natural gas power plants in June and July last year.

Wind power plants had a share of 9.85% in electricity generation with 3.01 TWh. Wind-based generation increased by 98.03% compared to 1.52 TWh production in June.

Solar power plants also increased their production from 1.29 TWh to 1.40 TWh, increasing their share to 4.58%.

Rise in electricity exports and imports

Turkey’s spot market electricity prices, capped by EMRA at 636 TL/MWh (62.7 €/MWh) for August, are below the average prices of neighboring markets and favor electricity exports from Turkey.

Exports, which were 301,744 MWh last month, rose 52.17% to 459,165 MWh in July.