Electricity generation increases by 12.9% YoY and by 5.8% monthly in August

(Enerji IQ – September 2021) Turkey’s total electricity generation in August reached 32.37 TWh, showing a 12. 9% YoY increase. The overall electricity generation in August 2020 was 28.68 TWh. Generation in August increased by 5.80% compared to July, according to TEIAS data processed by Enerji IQ Market Information Services.

The share of natural gas power plants in electricity generation increased to 38.41% with 12.43 TWh. Gas-fired power plants produced 10.90 TWh in July. Gas power plants accounted for the largest share in electricity generation at 38.41%. (July21: 35.65%)

Imported coal-fired power plants took the second place with 5.48 TWh, a share of 16.94%, and
hydroelectric power plants ranked third with 5.26 TWh, a share of 14.85%.