Electric Vespa by Giulio Iacchetti

The Vespampère is a free reinterpretation of the classic Vespa by italian Designer Giulio Iacchetti. With an electric motor and a cantilevered seat that links back to the 98 cc model, the company’s first scooter launched in 1946, the Vespampère’s dynamic, light design nods to the slimmer, stylish vespas rode by actors in neorealist films.

Based on the silhouette of the world’s most famous scooter, Giulio Iacchetti developed a model that links to tradition, yet at the same time features a slim, ecological body, for greater agility in city traffic. Contrary to the latest generations, which have gotten ‘heavier’ over the years, everything deemed superfluous has been eliminated in the Vespampère’s design.

The minimalist, lightweight version of the scooter sees the typical lateral shells removed in light of its electric motor, which occupies much less space than the traditional gas one. all controls, the speedometer, fuel gauge and lights are accessed through an app using wireless connection while a special compartment for storing a smartphone has been created on the dash.