Ecological Mosques and Solar Churches

The U.S based non-governmental organization Climate Reality Project compiled many ecological and renewable worship centers around the world in their news.

In recent years, mosques, churches and synagogues have been at the center of many climate change projects with their decisive impacts on culture and social life. On the basis of many beliefs have the tradition of the protection of environment. The projects which are based on this manner, take advantage of the ability of worship centers to reach the communities directly and effectively.

The increasing impacts of climate change led us to implement climate action plans in our all living areas. Whether small or large scale, visits that worship centers receive intensively and regularly each day, raise the carbon footprint levels of these places up significantly. Given the intensity in carbon footprint levels and extent of their domains, it is clear that worship centers are very important for projects against climate change.

One of the most comprehensive examples of this clean energy trend for worship centers is located in Indonesia. The project, which is going to build 1000 eco-mosques by 2020, will provide energy by reaching remote communities in need of infrastructure in the country comprised of over 17,000 islands.

Another project in the UK continues to reduce carbon footprint of churches since 2006. The project, which includes 16,000 churches, aims to reduce carbon emission rates by %80 by the year 2050. Also a church in the US uses geothermal energy, while a synagogue in Massachusetts meets %92 of its energy needs with new solar panels.