Dublin Airport To Produce Clean Energy

Dublin Airport will start to produce more than half of its electricity needs with solar energy. With 268 solar panels to be installed, the airport is aiming to catch a 33% reduction in energy consumption by 2020. The solar panels will be connected directly to the airport’s 500-million-liter capacity reservoir which is used for both the passenger terminals and the offices in the airport.

With the agreement between Daa, the company that operate Dublin Airport and the energy company ESB, opportunities will be identified to use low carbon technologies at the airport. The operator company Daa aims to support Ireland’s fulfillment of its national obligations in the field of clean energy. In the past three years, Dublin Airport has managed to reduce its carbon footprint to 5,000 tons. This amount corresponds to a 10% reduction in carbon emissions under control.

Dublin Airport is a part of the “Airport Carbon Accreditation” program which was launched in 2009 to minimize the damage caused by greenhouse gas emissions by the European Airports Association. The ESB, which has undertaken the installation of the solar energy system at the airport, is one of the most important companies in Ireland to provide affordable and low carbon energy transmission through “Smart Energy Services” consultancy by providing management services and energy projects.