Colorful Mug & Cup

About SolarVizyon / Colorful Mug & Cup Printing
SolarVizyon draws attention to the use of clean energy sources with its 4 different designs. Colorful mugs, designed to prevent the climate crisis with their stylish design and high print quality, can also be preferred for personal use.

When ordering for this product, which is printed with the 4+0 CMYK method on ceramic mugs, the preferred design should also be selected. The inner part of the mug is yellow.

Colored Mug Cup does not contain harmful chemicals and does not contain inorganic metallic. Its material is ceramic and its raw material is soil mixture. In these products produced by the cooking method, spots in the form of bubbles, small indentations and black spots in the form of the body can be observed. The earthy structure at the base of the product is also an indicator of the raw material.

Product Features
Mugs are delivered individually boxed.
According to the stock status, the handle, size, etc. of the mugs to be sent. may differ in their characteristics.
Millimetric shifts and color differences can be seen in the prints made on the ready-made product.
The product material is ceramic and its raw material is soil mixture.
The mug is printed on the glass with the 4+0 CMYK method.