Climate Laws In Europe

In 2021 the European Commission opened the biggest number of Directives and Regulations ever regrouped under the ‘Fit for 55’ package. These files are all gradually making their way through the various legislative processes at EU level. This revamping of the entire climate and energy framework takes front stage after the EU’s decision to commit to achieving climate neutrality by 2050 at the latest and in light of that, adopting a new 2030 target of at least 55% net emissions reduction by 2030. Although this represents a step in the right direction, we are far from what science is calling for, to reduce emissions by at least 65% by 2030, further emphasised even in the last damning IPCC reports.

Furthermore, in its ‘Fit for 55’ package, the Commission does not develop or propose new instruments that strengthen climate target ownership and accountability of Member States, with for example national climate neutrality targets and standards of national climate governance to ensure those targets are achieved.

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