EMRA launches investigation into power suppliers claiming overbidding

Turkish regulator EMRA initiated an investigation for some power suppliers claiming overbidding on the spot market. “We found out that some power suppliers submitted their bids far above their actual demand and deteriorated the market structure. Therefore, we initiated an investigation on the hourly bids,” noted the statement sent to Enerji IQ. “Submitting more purchase […]


Turkey needs 15-18 bcm additional gas for 2022

Despite the latest gas-purchase agreement signed by BOTAS and Azerbaijan, Turkey’s gas-import strategy for securing demand in 2022 remains unclear. According to data compiled by Enerji IQ Market Information Services for Turkey’s long and medium-term gas contracts, Turkey’s contractual gas volume is 42 bcm/y as of the end of August. Turkey’s annual gas consumption is […]


Electricity generation increases by 12.9% YoY and by 5.8% monthly in August

Turkey’s total electricity generation in August reached 32.37 TWh, showing a 12. 9% YoY increase. The overall electricity generation in August 2020 was 28.68 TWh. Generation in August increased by 5.80% compared to July, according to TEIAS data processed by Enerji IQ Market Information Services. The share of natural gas power plants in electricity generation […]