Canadian Solar Unveils 400+ Watt Bifacial Poly PERC Black Silicon Module

Chinese-Canadian solar manufacturer Canadian Solar has unveiled what it claims to be the first poly bifacial module exceeding 400+ Watt nominal front side power, at the Solar Power International (SPI) trade show, which opened today in Anaheim, California.

Canadian Solar said its polycrystalline, P4-based BiHiKu PERC module is able to provide up to 30% additional output from the rear side, while benefiting from better performance due to the use of black silicon.

The module will be commercially available from next year, Canadian Solar said, with the first order being taken now.

“BiHiKu is perfect for large commercial or utility-scale solar installations, particularly where a high reflection ground or surface under the module creates high albedo, contributing to high back-side yield,” the company stated. “Solar systems using BiHiKu will be able to break away from the pack and score high on low LCOE [levelized cost of electricity], making many seemingly impossible low-PPA solar projects possible,” Canadian Solar CEO Shawn Qu said.