Bollinger Motors Announces B2 Electric Pickup

Bollinger Motors has already generated a lot of interest in its B1 electric SUV. And on Wednesday it released images and some details of its long awaited second model, a pickup.

The American startup electric truckmaker is one of several to announce an electric pickup.

Tesla has said it is developing a pickup; the company asked its fans to submit suggestions for the pickup on Twitter.

Illinois startup automaker Rivian has also announced it will introduce an electric pickup and SUV at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November.

The first of the electric pickups to hit U.S. streets might come from Ohio-based Workhorse; its range-extended electric pickup, the W-15 is aimed at fleets but could eventually see personal use.

What likely will set Bollinger’s pickup apart from the others is that it will be significantly bigger than the half-ton designs other manufacturers’ are likely to develop.