Biomass projects rank first in electricity generation licenses with 475 MWe

(Enerji IQ – June 2021) EMRA granted 90 electricity generation licenses through the end of the first week of June 2021. The total installed capacity of the licensed projects was 1,278 MWe. Biomass and biogas investments ranked first among licensed projects this year, with 48 units with a total installed capacity of 475.17 MWe. In this segment, the average installed capacity per project rose to 9.9 MWe.

In terms of the number of licenses, hydroelectric power plant investments ranked second with 21 units and a total installed capacity of 178.26 MWe. 15 wind farm projects with a total installed capacity of 447.95 MWe ranked third.

Three natural gas-fired cogeneration plants with an installed capacity of 137.49 MWe received licenses from EMRA in the first half of this year. The facility with the highest installed capacity among these investments was Sisecam’s facility in Mersin, with 126.1 MWe.

According to the information compiled by Enerji IQ from EMRA’s licensing data, two geothermal power plants with a total installed capacity of 32 MW received generation licenses during the same period.