Axitec Solar In Asia

The Asian continent is home to 4.4 billion people. Also the world’s largest solar farm is built on it with 648 MW. Around 70% of the population is catered through fossil energy sources. A sizeable portion lives in rural areas with access to an unreliable grid or in worst cases with no electricity at all. It is not foreseeable, that conventional forms of energy can keep up with the expected economic growth. Since, education level and awareness about solar energy have been increasing in those areas, local companies have specialized in equipping roofs with solar modules or installing off grid systems for entire villages.

It has always been a compromise in quality due to lack of money and non-availability of high quality PV products. The price decrease during the last 12 months has caused a shift in the affordability of solar modules, even for low income households. More and more people are willing to purchase lasting and higher performing solar modules. AXITEC has experienced an enormous increase of interest and sales coming from local installation companies in Asia, which are merely focusing on rural electrification.

The supply of low quality products to lower income countries in Asia, coming from tier 1 Chinese solar panel manufacturers, has created a market for non-Chinese companies, like AXITEC. AXITEC’s corporate policy does not differentiate between its customers’ origin. Every AXITEC customer gets the same high quality products, no matter from where the customer is buying. Each and every order is fulfilled with a firm commitment to customer satisfaction. The customer gets the utmost attention throughout the order.

We were long expected and welcomed warmheartedly at past exhibitions in Asia. Hence, we decided to make a big leap into the Asian continent by exhibiting in India, Philippines, Jordan, UAE and Japan within the next six months.