Astronergy PV Modules at World’s Largest Hydro-Solar Power Plant Start Generation

With installation of 523.1MW Astronergy PV modules, the first phase of the world’s largest hydro-solar power plant – Kela solar power plant, also the world’s highest power station of its kind, started power generation in China on June 25, seeing Astronergy’s another more contribution for green energy generation.

Thanks to its installed capacity of 1000 MW, the first phase of the Kela solar power plant’s annual generating capacity reaches two billion kilowatt-hours (kWh), which could satisfy the annual electricity consumption of over 700,000 households.

With large proportion of Astronergy PV modules, the power plant could help to reduce the use of 600,000 tons of standard coal annually and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 1.6 million tons. According to the project owner, Kela PV power plant is located at the West Sichuan Plateau with the highest altitude of 4600 meters. So, it is constantly affected by extreme weather conditions such as strong winds, blizzards, and freezing, which places extremely high demands on the reliability and durability of PV modules.

ASTRO series modules supplied by Astronergy won the project in case of its great performance in providing quality assurance for the efficient, stable, and long-lasting operation of the power plant with their reliability, high efficiency, and other performance, marking another fabulous contribution and practice of the company for creating a sustainable and net-zero carbon world.

As a hydro-solar complementary power plant, the power generation of solar power plants fluctuates between day and night amid weather events as they heavily rely on sunlight to generate electricity. The hydropower component helps regulate all instability in solar power supply, providing stable and high-quality clean electricity for the power grid.