Array Technologies and STC Elektronik, Grow Turkish Solar Investments Together

Array Technologies is continuing to expand across the world, with sustainable and robust growth. Most recently, Array Technologies completed new projects with Turkish partner, STC Elektronik. Cesar Alberte, Vice President International at Array Technologies spoke about the growing Turkish market and the new partnership at the SOLAREX Conference in Istanbul.

Q&A With Cesar Alberte, Array Technologies

What is your impression of the Turkish solar marketplace? What opportunities are there?

First of all, I realized that the market is more mature than I previously thought, and that is not bad news for Array Technologies. Previously, Turkish developers and EPCs had been focused on fixed mounting structures. But now, they have built a significant number of PV plants. So, I think this is a very good moment for Array to continue our growth here and fortify partnerships, such as the one we have formed with STC Elekronik, which will allow us to gain traction in the Turkish solar marketplace.

This naturally leads to my second question, which is how important you think partnerships will be for the solar sector in Turkey to reach its potential?

The establishment of key partnerships will be very important for the Turkish solar market. Turkey is a large country, and it is quite diverse, geographically speaking. There are different regions with varying geographies, and it would be impossible for Array to cope with the dispersion of the country by ourselves. Array’s clients will be distributed across Turkey, so we need variability, and we need capillarity. An agreement with a partner like STC, who already knows the market, is really perfect for us to work with and accomplish this.

What are your expectations for the market going forward?

That is a hard question, because it is quite difficult to foresee how fast the market will develop. The current installed electricity generation base in Turkey is 85 gigawatts if we consider all the energy generation sources, including conventional, the share of renewables, and specifically solar, is below five percent. Taking this into account, then the opportunity for growth is huge. The question now is about speed: Is this going to be a market of one gigawatt a year? I believe that if things stay as they are, we will for sure see between 500 megawatts and one gigawatt of solar per year in Turkey. And, if there is more support and a larger appetite from investors, the speed can be three to four times larger than that. There is great opportunity for the growing Turkish solar market.