Apple Renewable Energy Profile

At the beginning of this week, well known technology giant Apple, announced that it is using completely renewable energy.

As one of the pioneers in the field of clean energy, Apple has recently speeded up improvements in this area. The “Apple Park”, the newly built headquarter in Cupertino, California with its gigantic roof, which was designed with solar panels, is seen as the most remarkable renewable energy project of the company. Apple’s announcement this week means that the company has built or paid enough renewable energy capacity to cover all of its use.

Regarding its commitment to become “fully renewable” with its 23 suppliers, Apple needs to invest for 4GW capacity by 2020. Currently Apple has 626MW renewable capacity and it also has 25 operational renewable energy projects worldwide. In addition, the company has 15 more projects under construction. Thus, Apple seems to will expand clean renewable energy production to more than 1.4GW in 11 countries. However, this possible size seems to be far behind the required 4GW installation.

Apple’s announcement on this week is also criticized due to the company’s production activities. Although Apple products are designed in California, their productions are made in other parts of the world, usually using dirty methods of processing materials. At this point, it is clear that Apple’s ambitious announcement on the use of renewable energy should be considered in many different respects, given the size of capacity required and the qualities of production activities.