An Ice-Free Cooler That Runs On a Solar Power Panel

You could call it a modern-age refrigerator with unique capabilities or a solar-powered mighty outdoor cooler with an amazing USP – it doesn’t require ice to keep the contents cold. The theory on which an outdoor cooler is built, that the insulated box melts ice at a very slow rate, and in turn chills your beverages and food. GoSun Chill Solar Cooler ditches ice completely and instead uses Solar Powered energy to keep the inside compartment cool – in many ways making it an ‘outdoor fridge’.

To keep it going efficiently, GoSun Chill charges via multiple power source options. This includes Powerbank, AC Adapter, 12 Volt Cord (car port charger), Solar Table, or Flexible Solar Panels. Choose the most convenient power source, based on what’s available to you at that point. The important fact is that it can keep food frozen for hours, and keeps food items from getting soggy, (thanks to the melting ice used in regular coolers). Ideal for outdoor picnics, barbeques and many other activities.