All Electric Buses Powered By Wind Energy

In what is believed to be a transit industry first in the United States, TriMet’s all-electric buses will be powered by 100 percent wind energy, as announced by TriMet and project partner Portland General Electric. As Oregon’s largest transit provider, TriMet has committed to a non-diesel bus fleet by 2040.

The initial journey toward a non-diesel fleet now begins with battery-electric buses that will be powered by PGE’s Clean Wind renewable energy program.

“Today, we are riding the winds of change. TriMet’s commitment to a zero-emissions bus fleet by 2040 and support of wind power put the agency and our region at the forefront of a cleaner future.” said Doug Kelsey, TriMet general manager.

“We are proud to support TriMet’s work to electrify transportation across our region. Powered by wind, this all-electric bus line is a sustainable transportation option for the community and another step closer to a clean energy future for Oregon.” said Maria Pope, PGE president and CEO.

TriMet’s Board of Directors, at the end of 2018, approved the agency’s ambitious plan to transition to a clean energy bus fleet. That transition began on April 19 2019, with the official launch of TriMet’s first all-electric bus. The New Flyer Xcelsior CHARGE™ zero-emission bus has been conducting some initial testing in revenue service since early March. It will soon be joined by four matching electric buses, all of which will run on TriMet Line 62-Murray Blvd in Washington County, and all powered by renewable wind energy.