ABB Is Building The Distributed Grid Of The Future

ABB is known as one of the global leaders in electrical infrastructure. Rob Massoudi is steering the ABB ship when it comes to leading the digital revolution and about the transition that’s currently underway in grids around the world and pulled back the curtain on what the future grid might look like.

The world of electrons is increasingly being supplemented with and driven by a world of bits and bytes as grid infrastructure and hardware companies pivot to add a fleet of IT professionals working to tap into the power of data for their customers. Rob shared that the push is part of a larger move to, “align the data value chain with the electrical.”

One of the key trends ABB sees in the market is that renewables have brought with them the democratization of electricity as, “PV, solar, and wind are moving closer to the edge” of the grid. This can easily be seen in the residential rooftop solar revolution which has allowed homeowners to generate their own clean electricity for the first time in history at the scale we’re seeing today.

This shift isn’t only happening with residential customers, but, “it’s actually moving closer in to the commercial and industrial (C&I) customers as well.” The transition to local renewable generation and increasingly, energy storage, in C&I is not a mainstream trend, but is seeing increased interest as the cost of renewables and the potential for energy storage is realized in early markets around the world.

The addition of electric fleet vehicles are playing a role in the adoption of energy storage in the C&I space as overnight fleet charging drastically shifts the demand profile. Rob shared that, “what we’re seeing is that their profiles are changing from 100s of kWhs to MWhs” with EV fleets. This is creating a situation where companies are looking for ways to optimize their overall energy consumption rather than looking for ways to improve resiliency or sufficiency. “ABB has a suite of products and solutions,” Rob shared, and dove into a case study to illustrate his point.