61.35-MW Topcam HEPP to be privatized in September

(Enerji IQ – July 2021) Turkey’s privatization authority has initiated the tender process for the privatization of the 61.35-MW Topcam HEPP, located in the northern Anatolian city of Ordu. The deadline for submitting bids is September 23, 2021, which will include the transfer of operating rights for 49 years. The privatization authority requested a 15 million TL bid bond for the tender.

Topcam HEPP is located on the Melet river in the Mesudiye district of Ordu. The plant, exempt from the DSI (State Hydraulic Works) water contribution fee, started commercial production in January 2017 and continues its activities under YEKDEM. Alstom turbines and generator sets are used in the reservoir-type power plant. The plant realized its highest electricity generation in 2019 with 184 GWh. Its gross production in 2020 was 148 GWh.